Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure:
The True Story of a Great American Road Trip


Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure is now available in paperback with a new afterword that updates readers on the whereabouts of Harry's 1953 Chrysler. 

In the summer of 1953, Harry Truman did something no former president had ever done before and none has done since.

He took a road trip.

Unaccompanied by Secret Service agents, bodyguards, or attendants of any kind, Truman and his wife Bess drove 2,500 miles from their home in Missouri to the East Coast and back again. The trip lasted nearly three weeks. One night they stayed in a cheap motel. Another night they crashed with friends. All along the way, they ate in roadside diners.

In Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure, award-winning author Matthew Algeo recounts this amazing journey and the former president’s amusing attempts to keep a low profile. In New York, Harry stumbles into the sidewalk shot of the Today show. In Pennsylvania, he gets pulled over for careless driving.

Throughout the book there are brief detours into topics such as the postwar American auto industry, McCarthyism, the development of the nation's highway system, and the decline of Main Street America.

By the end of the journey, readers will have a new and heartfelt appreciation for America’s last citizen-president.

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