Excellent Extras

  Reader Mail, Vol. 1: Bess's Frozen Lemon Pie Recipe

This is Bess Truman's recipe for frozen lemon pie. A reader from Kansas sent it to me. It was in a cookbook his mom had.

  Harry and Bess's Route, June 19 to July 8, 1953

A timeline of Harry and Bess's trip, including links to the places they visited.

  Deleted Scene IV: Up in Smoke

In 1953, about one in ten American men bought a pipe. Today, not so much.

  Deleted Scene III: The Incredible Walking President

The Secret Service had to make some serious adjustments when Harry became president.

  His Name Was Bliss

But his life was not.

  The Trip in Harry's Words

After checking into the McLure House in Wheeling on June 20, 1953, Harry jotted a few notes about the trip.

  Deleted Scene II: A Most Unusual Whistle-Stop

Harry sneaks away to attend a secret Masonic ceremony.

  1953: A Year of Transitions

When Civil War veterans watched I Love Lucy.

  Deleted Scene I: The Benjamin Harrison Home

More than you need to know about our twenty-third president.


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