Excellent Extras > Harry and Bess's Route, June 19 to July 8, 1953

June 19, Independence, Missouri, departed home

June 19, Hannibal, Missouri, Grove's Restaurant

June 19-20, Decatur, Illinois, Parkview Motel (replaced by a correctional facility that was closed in 2013)

June 20, Indianapolis, Indiana, McKinney home

June 20-21, Wheeling, West Virginia, McLure Hotel

June 21, Frostburg, Maryland, Princess Restaurant

June 21, Frederick, Maryland, Carroll Kehne's Gulf station

June 21-26, Washington, D.C., Mayflower Hotel

June 26-27, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bellevue-Stratford Hotel

June 27-July 5, New York, New York, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

July 5, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Country House Restaurant (now a post office)

July 5-6, Washington, Pennsylvania, George Washington Hotel

July 6-7, Columbus, Ohio, Deshler Hotel

July 7-8, Indianapolis, Indiana, McKinney home

July 8, St. Louis, Missouri, Schneithorst’s airport restaurant

July 8, Independence, Missouri, returned home

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